Your Health Needs Integrity too…..

Loyal Lilypad Followers, I come to you today to talk about dental health, we all have a state of it, poor, good and excellent. Mine is deplorable, I went to get the second side of my mouth cleaned on Friday, (yes normally people get both sides of their mouth cleaned in one sitting, not this girl. The pain of my cleaning the right side was so intense it required 7 shots of anesthetic so that I would not feel the drilling, picking and maintaining the dental staff was doing to my mouth. I had to wait two weeks to go back because after that intense attention you have to let the gums rest. So this time, it took ten shots, and the doctor while looking at my teeth determined that two were too far gone and we would need to extract them. Depressing and not fun but I don’t tell you this to chastise myself, I tell you this to shine light on you. Do you floss, brush and mouthwash rinse daily? Do you take care of your health body or mouth with the same care you give to your child, friend and spouse? Think about that and please please learn from my pain!

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