The magic of the internet…brings you “live theatre”

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Hello Dear Readers!

If you are interested in watching my show and are not in Austin, guess what? You can….. Through the magic of the internet, you can watch it as it happens on howlround…

Here is the link, it’s happening tomorrow night!!! 8pmCST

My Big Fat Bahookie
April 21 – May 6, 2017

Conceived and Written by Lorella Loftus
Presented by Renaissance Austin in association with The VORTEX

Live Streaming April 28 at 8pm CST on

Also, I am super excited that I am being given the opportunity to host the “Vortex Connects” post show discussions being held after the show this Saturday and next Friday! It’s a great chance to hear from our audience to find out what they are thinking and feeling about what they have just seen!

For those of you in Austin, you can get your tickets here-we have shows tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday and then again next week, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Hope to see you!


Also feel free to comment as you are watching, let’s make this a fully interactive experience!


“Love your bahookie and it will love you back…”

bodymantrasDear Readers,

This is one of my favourite lines in the show I am in opening on Friday.   First of all, I still am so excited to be in a show after such a long hiatus, The show is called,             “My Big Fat Bahookie” -There are many I like from the show,  AND this one helps set the tone… I am very tired because this week is aptly named “Hell Week” in the business.

Also known as tech week, it’s when all the elements of sound, light and costume bring to bear all the hard work of memorization and blocking and it’s really quite something. No matter how many times it happens or I am part of it, whether it’s directing, stage managing or acting — It’s quite the magical experience to see it all come together.. but back to the show….

As has been discussed in recent posts, I have been really enjoying this process and being part of this cast has really helped me to embrace my body (all of it, including my bahookie) and really stand tall and proud to be the weight that I am, the size that I am, the shape that I am.

Being part of this show, has helped me to really exorcise some deeply rooted demons about my own self-worth and the things I say about myself. It has completely changed my relationship with food and helped me to reframe how I talk to myself about myself. I no longer say I am fat, I say, I am sexy and miracle of miracles, I believe it too!

If you read my blog and you live in Austin, or in the nearby environs — check out the show.. here is the link- To check out what all the fuss is about.. check out this link to buy your tickets

If you are not in Austin, and a follower of my blog, first.. again, I thank you, I really appreciate your eyes and ears and hearts and minds, I consider it a great privilege to share my life with you, and thank you for listening.

Second, The Vortex will be doing a live stream so mark your calendars!

April 28th 8pm CST-

here is the link

Live Streaming April 28 at 8pm CST on

Also, back to you, my dear reader-

The message of the show is to love yourself just as you are, AND just because you love yourself as you are, does not preclude you from going to the gym or losing weight if YOU want to..

The key to that phrase is YOU, and YOU embrace who you are, and what you are and what you want – don’t let ANYONE else try to tell you what you can or can’t do or what you can and can’t be. Trust yourself, love yourself and embrace yourself!

Think about it…



I sure hope you will attend or tune in and and join in the body love fun!

Does your presence add or subtract?

Dear Readers,

I had occasion recently to speak with a good friend and we were both talking about how much we value each other as friends, and how much spending time together helps to support us in our goals and we feel increased as a result of the interaction.

We don’t see each other every day,  AND when we do, it’s never enough time, but we are both busy people so we take what we can get. This can be as little as 5 minutes and as much as an hour or more.

My time is finite and as a result, I have to be very selective with what I do and how I spend my time. Especially now that I have a child. While on that topic, I do feel compelled to say, I am a mother but that is not all I am. I am a wife, mother, friend, aunt, coach, sister, niece, actor etc… – I wear a lot of hats and am not defined by just one of them, thank you.

I am the same person I was. Yes, some things have changed, but I still get excited about foamy soap and rock star parking. I still love to sing and dance and perform. I definitely think being a parent is making me more patient, little by little. Then on other days I feel like I have no patience at all.

One thing is for sure, I plan to spend time with people who add to my life, not subtract from it. I said it before,  “Surround yourself with people who want to be in your circle” and it’s still true now.

Do you add to people or subtract from them?

It’s not as simple as being positive or negative, it’s literally the act of supporting and encouraging each other in your goals, we can all use another cheerleader and one less naysayer.

Think About It…..

Self Loathing or Self Loving?


Dear Readers,

Yesterday I had occasion to talk to several people in my capacity as coach and it was not until much later in the day that I realized that what I had said had made a difference and helped motivate someone to do something that they were scared or nervous about doing.

In case you are wondering, I am being vague to protect their privacy.

I am bringing this up because over and over again, I hear people around me say things like.. ” I am not creative but.. ” or “I am not really organized but..” basically painting themselves with labels like “can’t” or “I am not”  and the truth is.. what you say about yourself tends to stick.. Take me for instance, for YEARS, I said.. ” I am not good at math” and I even made jokes that were clever and verbose to cover my embarrassment…. e.g. “I have a fractious relationship with numbers”

Then one day I realized that it didn’t serve me to say it because it’s not true and saying it like that over and over again further cements the notion. To be brutally honest, my husband is better at them, and I have skill with numbers despite telling myself for most of my life I was bad at them.

I am not saying you can just “tell yourself” you are good at something till you believe it and that is enough.. No. You need to take action as well.

In reality, I am really good with numbers. “I have worked hard to become so.” Every time I calculated how much was left for us to pay on debt (and I mean down to the penny) — since according to Jeremy, we paid off 37,000.00 but according to me, it was 36,945.91 to be precise that we paid off to get debt-free.

I used to say, “I am not creative”. Yesterday, a good friend of mine, Dr. Keya Howard in fact, said, It’s a good thing you are so creative (just off-hand) and I didn’t even blink an eye while agreeing with her because it’s true, I am creative.

I spent a lot of time telling myself otherwise, until my Mom, and several other friends and family of choice members pointed it out to me, here and there and I began to realize it’s true, I am creative.

But back to you dear reader, what do you regularly say about yourself that isn’t true?

Here are some examples, I heard recently

“I’m not creative, I leave that to other people”

“I am not organized, so I am scared that this will all fall apart”

“I am not a runner”

“I can’t write a book, who would read it?”

We have the potential to be our #1 fan or our absolute worst critic, most of us choose the latter, but why not the former?

I challenge you to choose your words carefully, especially when talking about yourself.

What would your life look like if you chose to hold up the pom poms for yourself and shouted YAY ME!

Think About It…..cropped-cropped-imagejfminc.png