Does your presence add or subtract?

Dear Readers,

I had occasion recently to speak with a good friend and we were both talking about how much we value each other as friends, and how much spending time together helps to support us in our goals and we feel increased as a result of the interaction.

We don’t see each other every day,  AND when we do, it’s never enough time, but we are both busy people so we take what we can get. This can be as little as 5 minutes and as much as an hour or more.

My time is finite and as a result, I have to be very selective with what I do and how I spend my time. Especially now that I have a child. While on that topic, I do feel compelled to say, I am a mother but that is not all I am. I am a wife, mother, friend, aunt, coach, sister, niece, actor etc… – I wear a lot of hats and am not defined by just one of them, thank you.

I am the same person I was. Yes, some things have changed, but I still get excited about foamy soap and rock star parking. I still love to sing and dance and perform. I definitely think being a parent is making me more patient, little by little. Then on other days I feel like I have no patience at all.

One thing is for sure, I plan to spend time with people who add to my life, not subtract from it. I said it before,  “Surround yourself with people who want to be in your circle” and it’s still true now.

Do you add to people or subtract from them?

It’s not as simple as being positive or negative, it’s literally the act of supporting and encouraging each other in your goals, we can all use another cheerleader and one less naysayer.

Think About It…..

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