Stepping out!

Dear Readers,


I had the absolute privilege of attending a glittery gala event on Saturday (which I chose to view as a BALL that I, who never had a debutante ball (which are very big in New Orleans where I am from) would get to go to with my real-life Prince Charming. We planned for months to wear fancy outfits complete with shoes, hat and fancy hairdo. Now, I should clarify something. Prince Charming is not perfect, he is human and has flaws but he is perfect for me and I rediscover that daily. My childhood was not the happiest and when an opportunity for a do-over pops up, I have to give him credit, he really makes up for the past misdeeds of others.

So a little back story, I picked a gorgeous blue satin dress for my bridesmaids to wear to our wonderful wedding in 2011. My maids, being lovely submitted to my desire for blue (being my favourite colour it was the natural choice) and had dresses made in different styles but all in the color blue. After the wedding was over, one of them said, “I love you but I am NEVER wearing this again, do you want it? “Yes! Maybe I can wear it!” and an idea began to take shape…. now she is smaller than I am so it took me a while to be able to fit into it, but with a fabulous seamstress, paleo diet and frequent exercise I was able to wear it and if I do say so myself, I look FABULOUS! By the way, for anyone reading this, I think this a great tradition that we should start, because if you think about it, the bride really does pick the dress “she” wants and no matter how hard you try, we normally don’t pick something that flatters “you” so what a great idea to take the bridesmaid dress and recycle it into something the bride gets to wear? Maybe a dress or a purse or a skirt.. the possibilities are pretty vast!


I want to talk about the ball for a second because it was wonderful to be so dressed up and fancy and pretending to be rich (people at the next table were bidding up to 15,000 which is nowhere near our budget, YET!!!) and it was a lovely night that I will not soon forget populated by dancing, food and lively conversation

However, to be completely frank, I had just as much fun having fast food on the way home (munchies struck us!) with my very hungry man! I told him one of my favourite things about him is that he is always fun to be with whether in a drive through or arm in arm on our way to a fancy dress up ball!

Why do we feel guilty when doing self-care?

Dear Readers,

Maybe its just me, but when I get a pedicure or a manicure or a massage, I always feel a little bit guilty about the money or the time or the fact that it is someone’s job to take care of my feet and hands or my hair or my back. I may be alone here but I have trouble spending money on myself. It may be a by-product of being told “Jenny, we can’t afford it” all through my life but I say its time to break that pattern. This wasn’t a habit or attitude developed in a day so it will take time to adjust. So if you hear me saying anything like that, go.. “ahem”!!!!

I work hard, and deserve to be pampered, (hard to write but its a step!)Another big step is going to a real, honest to goodness BALL (that is not a typo) with my very own Prince Charming on Saturday night. It is a dream come true to go to a BALL and to wear a fancy dress and sparkly shoes.. and I can’t wait. One of the reasons I was doing all this self-care and pampering was to be ready for that BALL!

I am not hurting anyone and some might even argue I am keeping massage therapists, hair dressers and pedicurists and manicurists employed. The other day I walked into a nail salon and they were dead (likely because it was cold) but as I let myself fully enjoy the chair massage, the arm and leg massage I realized how long it had been since I had really let myself enjoy it and not focus on my phone or my magazine or the other person I was with or more importantly feeling guilty about the sheer luxury of it, while doing this very necessary, very rejuvenating treatment for myself. My mood was much improved and I wasn’t even in a bad mood!

You don’t have to spend a lot either! I had a gift certificate from a very lovely friend and I STILL felt guilty. I don’t have the feeling that I am alone in this so shout out and share. Let’s all embrace the idea that we deserve to be pampered and this not just for women.. we all deserve to feel like queens and kings and princesses and princes (depending on your preference) I myself, prefer QUEEN!

Think about it!

Step outside your comfort zone.. its not as scary as you think!

Dear Readers,

I have signed up to do a 10 mile walk/run at the end of March and I am scared but I am doing it. Between now and then I need to run longer and faster but work myself up incrementally, I know that I can do it but it seems a daunting task at the moment. I got sick right after my birthday which impeded my progress but I am back on it now. I will work out tonight no matter how late it is or how tired I am when I get home. I know that sometimes you have to let that go and sleep instead of work out or sleep in instead of working earlier like you planned but there is also something to be said for accountability and the fact that I have told the 1087 of you following my blog that I will do it means that I have to.

A note about that, I started this blog 3 years ago and it astounds me that I have that many followers. Lots of people have a lot more and lots of people have a lot less. It’s not a measuring stick, but a factoid. If I am going to accomplish my goal of world domination it is nice to know I have that many people’s rapt attention.

I tell you this because I think it is very important we do things that scare us – To paraphrase the great director Baz Luhrman- “Do one thing every day that scares you” — I am not talking about crossing the street without looking both ways or purposely doing something you know will endanger you. I mean step up to do something that scares you because its “unfamiliar” and “unknown”. You will never truly know what you can accomplish until you try. If you don’t believe me, try it and see and then argue with me about how I was wrong. Even if you don’t succeed, you have lived a little more fully than you did the day before. We all hear those platitudes- “Seize the day” “Do one thing a day that scares you” but what do we really DO about it? Well I will tell you beyond the 10 mile walk run, I have volunteered to do a work presentation which may not seem scary but I have not done one before so I am scared and it represents a major step as well putting myself out there for an even bigger opportunity all in aid of getting to my Ted Talk.

It’s scary to type but there it is in black and white. Ted Talk, I will do a Ted Talk.

In the world of doing the baby steps I inquired and found out that you can’t even apply to give a Ted Talk till Summer 2016. I was disappointed, a big part of my “but I want it now” and the total impatience that does not go with delayed gratification but as my darling husband pointed out, this gives you time to be perfect. Well, if not perfect at least the most prepared. One more thing about that, I started realizing that if I have a long-term goal like that I need to go from that goal and work backward and develop a game plan for “getting there” much like my “steps to a marathon” coming up in March!

Think about it!

1. What represents stepping outside your comfort zone to you?

2. What is something you say that you want to do but never take any steps toward? (mine was learning French as an example)

Health is a gift…. Do not SQUANDER IT!

Dear Readers, Some of you may have noticed a post missing last week some of you may not have.. Well I was sick which really made me mad because I got a flu shot, am exercising, (not as much as a should) but exercising, drinking water.. getting enough sleep.. (well again not as much as I should) ah wait, I am beginning to see a pattern here.. are you?

There is nothing like a bout with sickness to make you appreciate health. We all know what we are SUPPOSED to do for good health.. but we don’t do it.

Get 8 hours a of sleep.

Drink 64oz of water day.

Eat good for you food.


So when I did a personal inventory I have to admit I was pretty lacking in all of these areas, so I am renewing that effort with a vengeance. I know, I know, its not always possible to get 8 hours, kids (kids sickness), work demands, life demands but try. I tell you what, just do one thing on the list. Hydrate more.. even if it is just one of the things. Exercise– Take the stairs once a day, and take them slowly but take them. Yes, the elevator is faster, but what is your hurry? It’s your life, ticking away one minute at a time. Don’t rush, take your time. Stop and smell those roses.

I see people around me dropping like flies so I fought the good fight, I drank orange juice and did all the things I do when I get sick but I truthfully think it was my body saying, ENOUGH! I will force you to take care of yourself and if this is the only way, SO BE IT.

Don’t let this happen to you, do something to embrace your health today, its a great gift we ALL take way too much for granted.

Think about it!