Health is a gift…. Do not SQUANDER IT!

Dear Readers, Some of you may have noticed a post missing last week some of you may not have.. Well I was sick which really made me mad because I got a flu shot, am exercising, (not as much as a should) but exercising, drinking water.. getting enough sleep.. (well again not as much as I should) ah wait, I am beginning to see a pattern here.. are you?

There is nothing like a bout with sickness to make you appreciate health. We all know what we are SUPPOSED to do for good health.. but we don’t do it.

Get 8 hours a of sleep.

Drink 64oz of water day.

Eat good for you food.


So when I did a personal inventory I have to admit I was pretty lacking in all of these areas, so I am renewing that effort with a vengeance. I know, I know, its not always possible to get 8 hours, kids (kids sickness), work demands, life demands but try. I tell you what, just do one thing on the list. Hydrate more.. even if it is just one of the things. Exercise– Take the stairs once a day, and take them slowly but take them. Yes, the elevator is faster, but what is your hurry? It’s your life, ticking away one minute at a time. Don’t rush, take your time. Stop and smell those roses.

I see people around me dropping like flies so I fought the good fight, I drank orange juice and did all the things I do when I get sick but I truthfully think it was my body saying, ENOUGH! I will force you to take care of yourself and if this is the only way, SO BE IT.

Don’t let this happen to you, do something to embrace your health today, its a great gift we ALL take way too much for granted.

Think about it!

Good health is the prize, my friends!

Well dear readers, it has been a rough few days. I don’t think you truly appreciate good health till it leaves you even for a few days.

The things you take for granted are staggering. To name but a few.

1. The ability to kiss or hug my husband.

2. To just plain feel normal.

3. Being able to work out (yes, this one was surprising to me too)

4. Missing out on socializing opportunities with friends and family (you know who you are!)

I have been miserable for most of the week, stuffy nose and sore throat but in stark contrast to other times I have been sick, I stayed home and rested and made sure to take care of myself and not push myself too hard, I still went to work but thanks to my boss who saw how pitiful I was feeling and sent me home early yesterday, I feel SO MUCH better today. I still have a little stuffiness of the nose but my goodness what a difference rest makes. Your parents say it all the time and its true, sleep is the best curative.

I have to wonder if i wasn’t eating healthy and exercising, how long would it have taken me to feel better. Points to ponder! That in and of itself, is reason enough to exercise. Think about it!