Stepping out!

Dear Readers,


I had the absolute privilege of attending a glittery gala event on Saturday (which I chose to view as a BALL that I, who never had a debutante ball (which are very big in New Orleans where I am from) would get to go to with my real-life Prince Charming. We planned for months to wear fancy outfits complete with shoes, hat and fancy hairdo. Now, I should clarify something. Prince Charming is not perfect, he is human and has flaws but he is perfect for me and I rediscover that daily. My childhood was not the happiest and when an opportunity for a do-over pops up, I have to give him credit, he really makes up for the past misdeeds of others.

So a little back story, I picked a gorgeous blue satin dress for my bridesmaids to wear to our wonderful wedding in 2011. My maids, being lovely submitted to my desire for blue (being my favourite colour it was the natural choice) and had dresses made in different styles but all in the color blue. After the wedding was over, one of them said, “I love you but I am NEVER wearing this again, do you want it? “Yes! Maybe I can wear it!” and an idea began to take shape…. now she is smaller than I am so it took me a while to be able to fit into it, but with a fabulous seamstress, paleo diet and frequent exercise I was able to wear it and if I do say so myself, I look FABULOUS! By the way, for anyone reading this, I think this a great tradition that we should start, because if you think about it, the bride really does pick the dress “she” wants and no matter how hard you try, we normally don’t pick something that flatters “you” so what a great idea to take the bridesmaid dress and recycle it into something the bride gets to wear? Maybe a dress or a purse or a skirt.. the possibilities are pretty vast!


I want to talk about the ball for a second because it was wonderful to be so dressed up and fancy and pretending to be rich (people at the next table were bidding up to 15,000 which is nowhere near our budget, YET!!!) and it was a lovely night that I will not soon forget populated by dancing, food and lively conversation

However, to be completely frank, I had just as much fun having fast food on the way home (munchies struck us!) with my very hungry man! I told him one of my favourite things about him is that he is always fun to be with whether in a drive through or arm in arm on our way to a fancy dress up ball!

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