Why do we feel guilty when doing self-care?

Dear Readers,

Maybe its just me, but when I get a pedicure or a manicure or a massage, I always feel a little bit guilty about the money or the time or the fact that it is someone’s job to take care of my feet and hands or my hair or my back. I may be alone here but I have trouble spending money on myself. It may be a by-product of being told “Jenny, we can’t afford it” all through my life but I say its time to break that pattern. This wasn’t a habit or attitude developed in a day so it will take time to adjust. So if you hear me saying anything like that, go.. “ahem”!!!!

I work hard, and deserve to be pampered, (hard to write but its a step!)Another big step is going to a real, honest to goodness BALL (that is not a typo) with my very own Prince Charming on Saturday night. It is a dream come true to go to a BALL and to wear a fancy dress and sparkly shoes.. and I can’t wait. One of the reasons I was doing all this self-care and pampering was to be ready for that BALL!

I am not hurting anyone and some might even argue I am keeping massage therapists, hair dressers and pedicurists and manicurists employed. The other day I walked into a nail salon and they were dead (likely because it was cold) but as I let myself fully enjoy the chair massage, the arm and leg massage I realized how long it had been since I had really let myself enjoy it and not focus on my phone or my magazine or the other person I was with or more importantly feeling guilty about the sheer luxury of it, while doing this very necessary, very rejuvenating treatment for myself. My mood was much improved and I wasn’t even in a bad mood!

You don’t have to spend a lot either! I had a gift certificate from a very lovely friend and I STILL felt guilty. I don’t have the feeling that I am alone in this so shout out and share. Let’s all embrace the idea that we deserve to be pampered and this not just for women.. we all deserve to feel like queens and kings and princesses and princes (depending on your preference) I myself, prefer QUEEN!

Think about it!

One thought on “Why do we feel guilty when doing self-care?

  1. Hmmm….I’m conflicted on this. On one hand I completely agree we all need to spend time guilt-free on self care. On the other, there’s a fine line of what’s self-care and what’s overindulgence. I’m really excited that you took the time to enjoy yourself – especially with how crazy life has been lately. I struggle with both, and finding the right balance is a constant struggle.


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