It’s the Little things that matter Most…

“Babydoll, I left you the Asian rice. Dollface”

Out of context, this note from my husband seems casual and not a huge sacrifice, but coupled with the other small acts, like frog socks to get me over a migraine, Godiva when I am in a bad mood, going to the store just one more time for the specific tea I like, just makes me grateful every day that I married such a prince. I call him a prince because he constantly makes me feel like a princess despite being a practical, pragmatic woman of thirty-five. He daily provides magic.

Now he isn’t perfect and we have our problems, but it’s small actions like this one that make me want to be a better wife and friend. He doesn’t think twice to do something for me just to make me happy and that is the kind of person I am striving to be. It doesn’t take much, just a call to a friend when they haven’t called in a while instead of an email or text. Maybe offering your time instead of your money to a volunteer effort. Perhaps there is a person you have neglected to be there for. It’s not too late to do that now. What can you do TODAY that is little to you, but might mean the WORLD to someone else?

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