Think It, Say It, DO It!

I have always believed in the phrase, speak it into existence, fake it till you make, or act as if you have faith and faith will be given to you.

Never has this been more true than recently with my weight loss goal. I posted about this goal of losing 50 pounds in mid-December. 

I remember thinking to myself, that’s a good goal, and eating better should help that but its going to take a while and I need to be patient. This started with the small step (felt humongous at the time) of giving up soda because I read a blog about how it helped a woman lose 10 pounds in a month and I thought, well that will be worth trying. I can always pick it back up again if I can’t do it. Then someone my husband works with started talking to him about weight loss and nutrition because we are both overweight and got him very excited about the possibility of weight loss on the paleo diet.

I have been overweight or pleasantly plump for most of my life, and it plagues me. I don’t desire to be supermodel skinny, but I am looking forward to not having to wear baggy pants and hang on to that shirt that is just a little bigger so it hides my “fat”.

At the end of last year, my husband and I both had a pretty strong reason to get our health under control, and we decided to change our diet. We have both stuck steadfastly to the paleo diet and experimented with many recipes, I say we, but in truth it is my amazing husband who experiments and cooks and I just say, wow, I never thought of that as something to put together, like shepherd’s pie with quinoa, ground beef, and sweet potatoes, that’s delicious!

I realize the power of making a statement where others read it, and will hold your feet to the fire is incredible. Its not as though I get pressure from people but when they ask how its going I am excited to tell them, so far since I started this journey, I have lost 21 pounds! When you think about the goal of 50 it seems so insurmountable but I am almost halfway to my goal, which is also exciting because it means now, I have outgrown this goal and its time to set a new one. So here goes, I want to lose 75 pounds which will put me at a healthy weight for my height and body mass index which I lamented in November I might never get to and now I really believe it is possible. I also said I wanted to read more books. That isn’t very measurable, so I am updating that goal to 10 books this year. I have already read three. I said I wanted to give 10 speeches this year, I have already given one so everything that seemed so far out of reach, now seems doable, possible and even probable!

What do you want to do? Who will hold your feet to the fire to get it done?  

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