What are you working on right now?

So last week, I stepped up to speak in the International Speech contest tonight at my Toastmasters Club and while I am nervous I am also excited because my goal is not to win. I know its pretty crazy to think about competing not to win, but I am using this opportunity to work on my goal of becoming a better speaker.

Someone I respect recently said its important to get joy from the journey and not just the destination.

Think about it, when you have accomplished a goal in the past did you feel excitement at the completion or more so when you ran into obstacles or achieved smaller goals? I don’t know about your journey, I can only talk about mine, but some of the most rewarding results I have experienced were just before I was just about to give up, but decided to stick with it just a little bit longer.?

As an example, my eventual health goal is to lose 75 pounds on this paleo diet. My original goal was 50, but after I started to see major progress (21 pounds in a month and a half)I realized I had outgrown my goal and needed a new one. I think its important when you have a goal to “check in” and see how you are doing, take your temperature, and ask for accountability partners to help you stay honest about how you are doing.

So my question to you is, Where are you going? What are you working on?

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