Choose Integrity and Excellence in all things.

We are the product of our decisions. It can be as simple as, I choose to get up to go to work today, or I choose to call in and take a “sick” day.

I choose to eat an apple, or I choose to eat a doughnut. One will cause you to be in great health and one will cause you continuing health problems including heart disease and obesity. I know its hard to believe just one doughnut could do all that, but continued consumption of really unhealthy foods lead to bad health and if you are anything like me one doughnut usually leads to two.

I choose to do my work and not be distracted by Facebook, Twitter and the like. A simple decision like this can boost your productivity because as much as you might think it doesn’t really matter, and everybody does it why can’t I, your word matters and when you go to Facebook on company time, you are breaking your word to your employer to stay vigilant to the task at hand. (the people who use Facebook for work, have it even harder because you have to use Facebook professionally while avoiding the “personal use” trap.  

On the flip side of this, we could all be a little more “mindful” on how we spend time in life, not just at work. How often do you text and drive thinking I will just send this one text, and I am at a red light so it is safe. NO it is not and besides that, if you are driving and texting you miss out on the lovely view on the roadside like the guy who waves at every passerby on my commute home next to St. Edwards, He is happy as a clam, just waving. How often do you ignore your friend who you spent weeks coordinating with to get a coffee date to take just one call or read one text as it comes in? The caveat is emergency calls of course, but stop and think, what constitutes an emergency to you? Are you letting the immediate become an emergency? 

How often do you just go through the motions of your day and not really appreciate traffic. Yep, I said appreciate traffic. Its your life, and its moving very quickly, be sure to keep your word to yourself to have a great life which means really living it!

What will you do to be more mindful today?

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