Stop Worrying. Its interest on a debt that never comes due….

I subscribe to a service called “Thoughts Become Things. Choose the good ones. Technically its called (Notes from the Universe) and what I love about this site is that occasionally because of goals I input into the website way back when “getting out of debt” or more specifically, “have financial harmony including balance” I get a message that has a specific message that is addressed to me, Jennifer and asks how that goal is going. I have recommended this website to many people because to me, its a B-12 shot of positivity for my day and there are days when the nugget of wisdom really hits home. Today was such a day.

The things that mystify you, Jennifer, need not worry you.

It’s a kind of mental check-up, and I like it. This tag line at the bottom of today’s message really spoke to me and I decided to blog about it because I tell people all the the time not to worry and to focus their energy on what you CAN do instead of worrying about what is to come or not to come yet I often do not take my own advice. Le sigh

Take me for example, I spent the better part of last week and weekend worrying about a confrontation with a really close friend and when the topic actually came up, it was no big deal. The reality was that when I dealt with it (duh) it was already solved but the information had not been imparted yet. I find that people deal better with issues if you have already worked on it and present the problem with a proposed answer, this is true in business and true in friendship.

So do yourself a favor, worry less and take action more. Think about it!

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