Work, Life, and Who are you?

Recently, I was career coaching a client and I had an epiphany.

Your resume is not just a cold recitation of what you have done and learned. It’s an opportunity to help your potential employer understand who they are hiring not just the skills that they are looking for but the personality type which allows them to not only see that you are qualified for the job, but that you will fit the team culture.

So I came up with five basic tips for resumes. Ready? Here we go!

1. Make sure it has no typos or formatting issues.

2. Include work that you have done for non-profit or volunteer:

Some of the hardest work I have done has been for free.

3. Have a profile on Linked In, and be sure to seek out recommendations from co-workers.

4. This is time to brag, do not be shy about your accomplishments.

5. Categorize your experience in a way that helps you be found.

Make sure you have several different types of resumes. e.g.  you might have a phone work resume, a sales based resume, and a management resume. It really depends on your individual experience.

Beef up your resume. You might just surprise yourself with all you have done.

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