You may not want to, but you must!

The other night my husband said, “I am tired. Let’s do the dishes tomorrow” and I said, “Yeah, Tomorrow sounds good.”

He quirked one eyebrow at me and said, “you know if we do it together, it will take less time and we can just knock it out.” I said, “Yeah, you are right.” and begrudgingly we both headed to the kitchen determined to be “grown up” and “get it done”. I had been dreading it which is why I was procrastinating all night but you know what, it took less than 10 minutes when all was said and done.

This made me realize something. Doing the dishes is not hard, doing the dishes when you don’t feel like it, cleaning when you don’t feel like it, and paying bills when you don’t feel like it is the definition of maturity. So despite my childish glee over foamy soap (every time, people!) and Rock Star parking, and anything Muppet related, somewhere along the way I started being responsible and its become a habit. I remember fantasizing about how wonderful it would be to be an adult and have unlimited amounts of Swiss Rolls and stay up with NO ONE telling me what to do.

Well, it turns out that being an adult is a lot of fun (more freedom, but also more bills and jobs and responsibilities) but you have to live with the choice of staying up all night (not being productive the next day) or eating all the Swiss Rolls you want (stomach pains and weight gain) so like so many things, you can do whatever you want, but you must face the consequences. Truly it brings to mind something that Joan Ellen, the mother of my heart always says, “You may not want to, but you must”

Think about it!

One thought on “You may not want to, but you must!

  1. ahhh i have been feeling this often! but being an adult does come with some pretty sweet options although the responsibilities can be less fun at times but i love that your husband knew if you worked at it together-it’d get done quick (and be more fun!)


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