Sometimes you gotta say… Stop

Well kids, its been a week of not feeling too great so I gave myself a pass on exercising. I think my body does this when I take on too much so I will stop and listen and give in to the tired and oh yeah, stop and take care of myself.

I have been trying all sorts of remedies, including rest and hot tea but the most important thing is rest.

So as a result, something had to give. I did not exercise this week and I do not feel bad about it.

I did follow the diet, with one exception when I was feeling the worst, I gave in and ate pizza.

A big part of this is the fact that I added up the times I have worked out this year and in exactly 60 days its been 21.

Last year at this time, I had not worked out at all, so that is a ratio I can live with for now.

Tomorrow, I will renew my work out schedule.  For those that are inspired by my regime, I can only hope that you kept on yours without me pushing you. If not, I invite you to excise the guilt and exercise tomorrow with me.

Think about it!


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