I am stronger than how badly I want a cookie

Picture it, Austin 2014..

There is a box of cookies from Tiff’s Treats sitting right next to me. Not only did I not have any, I passed them out to people so that they would be sure to get some. Not only were free cookies here today, there was also deli sandwiches and CAKE. Now I am no saint and there are going to be days when I will succumb and eat the cookie but today for now, this minute, the last two hours I have resisted.

The lesson I think is not the resistance to the cookie but the focus on how I walked/ran 3.6 miles and one cookie will really derail a lot of that progress so I will do my best to avoid temptation and not eat a cookie, trying to remember how each mile I ran today was a slog and it was hard and it was totally worth it when I finished. Will a cookie make me feel that same sense of satisfaction?

It is about will power and the choice to eat healthy 90% of the time and then truly cheat one day a week. We got so far away from that, which is one of the reasons I think eating well every other day is now so hard. We formed the habit of not cheating and then fell out of it, so we have to reform.. (funny how that word fits) our habits anew. So away I walk from the cookie, and happy to have beaten the sweet. This Time.

What do you find hard to give up? What is easy?

To give you a taste (ha I kill me!) of how it’s easier than you think to eat paleo. I am noting a recipe for Paleo Gumbo- I am from New Orleans, born and raised and I know gumbo. I don’t know much about how to cook it but luckily my husband does and was kind enough to help me put this together for you to cook it. Try it and report back!

Paleo Gumbo- what you will need:(this makes about 16 portions) if you want to make less, cut it in half 🙂

4lb bag boneless,skinless fajita meat

4lbs smoked sausage

2 big (40 oz) bags frozen cut okra

2 small bags (16oz)- frozen normandy

(4 cans) 28 oz diced tomatoes

4 full bay leaves

.03 lbs chili pepper

12 teaspoons sweet potato flour

14 oz Creole Seasoning Mix

12 teaspoons olive oil

1 lb bag of quinoa

Chop chicken into bite size pieces

Slice sausages into circles cook all ingredients as directed

Combine 1/2 chicken, sausage, vegetables and bay leaves and tomatoes and quinoa (half of all) ingredients into stock pot-

Warm up 6 teaspoons of olive oil add six teaspoons of coconut or sweet potato flour stir until dark brown(color like peanut butter)

Add roux into stock pot, let simmer on medium heat for twenty minutes add file (pronounced like filet)powder to mix– Eat and enjoy!

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