Take a picture or capture the moment?

Take a picture or capture the moment?

Dear readers, I am an unapologetic shutterbug and usually snap a picture a day but recently I realized something important. If you take a picture, you aren’t “in the moment” any more.

Yes, you can put the camera down and get back “in the moment” but the second you “stop to get a picture” something is lost.

I experienced this firsthand at my friend Susie’s wedding. It was beautiful and meaningful and everywhere I looked there was another image I wanted to snap a photo to commemorate the experience but something the rabbi said, “Take a moment to drink in your surroundings” and it got me thinking about how often we DON’T do that in life.

Now, does this mean I am going to stop taking pictures!? Not at all.

Exhibit A- (see photo above) my foot clad in my favourite leopard print pumps and my husband’s injured foot in its orthopedic boot. That photo tells a story about how he was injured and hurting but went anyway to be there for Susie and Victor.

I made a resolution when my niece was born to tale more pictures with my heart and less with my phone. This weekend, I finally realized why it’s important and that makes it a lot easier to do.

The next time you start to take a picture, ask yourself, do I want a picture or do I want to capture a moment?

Think about it!

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