Push past your comfort zone

Push past your comfort zone

I hate getting dirty, I like to stay clean and neat. But when my friend Jessica said, let’s do a colour run, I said, Sure, why not!

I was scared of getting it in my nose and my hair and choking on a cloud of toxic (albeit colorful) paint but you know what?

It was fun and easy and I liked being covered in all that paint!

My husband got up at 6:30 this morning to come cheer me on and of course make sure the car was properly covered in towels and sheets so I didn’t get paint on the car later. He smiled and took pictures of me (which he HATES) and cheered me on like he does in everything I do, not just races. There is nothing like having that kind of support to push you past what you think you can do. I treasure it, so thank you Jeremy Haston.

The best part of my day though? When I was busy getting unpainted, my husband made us a healthy breakfast instead of getting fast food which I know he really wanted. I appreciate that he was strong with me and for me as we continue working on healthier eating habits!

So the conclusion, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is not bad and in fact something you SHOULD do.

It makes life so much more exciting, not to mention colourful!

Think about it!

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