Done with the guilt!

Dear Readers,

I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. Last year I had an incredible breakthrough about loving my body as it is and a big part of that was the glamorous photo shoot (albeit to celebrate some major weight loss) I scheduled for my 37th birthday and I have continued to make strides on “not calling myself fat” “thinking of myself as overweight” even though several people around me including my loving husband tell me I look great,

It matters that I believe it and slowly, ever so slowly I am coming to the conclusion that this many people saying it, it must be true. I carry myself with more confidence because for the most part we eat paleo and I do not feel deprived because I know the cheat day is coming and coming soon when I can have all the dairy, processed foods, and grains that I want.  It was recently that I decided that I was done with the guilt that comes along with eating foods that make me happy. You know the ones, ice cream, cookies, fries, nachos, anything that has cheese or chocolate attached to I am in love! I recently read a wonderfully witty book called

“French Women Don’t Get Fat” (check out the website!)

for years, she has been teaching women about bien dans sa peau–

roughly translated-it means feeling good about how you look-

that spent a good deal of time exploring the differences between American and French women and a big takeaway is the guilt we (Americans) feel over eating that piece of cake instead of eating it and truly enjoying it and then not feeling the need for more. The author provides some great advice including adding exercise (don’t tell me your building doesn’t have stairs) in your daily routine.

Julia Roberts touches on it playing Elizabeth Gilbert in “Eat, Pray, Love” – “I have no interest in being obese but I am done with the guilt… ” and so am I.

I exercise and I eat healthy foods (what a concept!) except when I don’t and I REFUSE to feel guilt over it any more!

Dear Guilt,

For a long time now, you and I have been together.

I have realized that you don’t help, you are hurtful and really not productive.

It’s definitely not me, I am AWESOME, you suck

We are never, ever getting back together,

Not Love,



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