Love is laundry

Dear Readers, When I was younger. say 16 or so, I thought about who I would marry. I wanted to marry several successful actors and foreign diplomats (love to travel) including Scott Bakula mainly because I figured as his wife, I would get to be a guest star on “Quantum Leap”. At the time, I did not realize that things don’t work that way in the business but I digress.

I did not marry Scott Bakula, have not even met him (yet) but the reason he comes to mind is I was thinking about time travel and if you had told the me of 11 years ago that I would
be melted by a man doing my laundry I would have laughed in your face. I had dreams of far-flung exotic getaways, french novels and chocolate, lots of fancy Belgian chocolate because it was so far afield of my real-life experience.

Instead, I married the man who does my laundry, goes to five stores to buy me fudge rounds because I barely mention that I want them but most importantly prizes my happinesss far above his own which he shows in little and large ways every day.
He learned how to make gumbo paleo so I could still eat it. He wrote me a love letter that never fails to move me when I read it and he is constantly surprising me with his generosity to others.

So in this case, my dreams were NOTHING compared to reality.

Love is laundry, and laughing at something only the two of us find funny, too many inside jokes to count, and every day I fall a little more in love with my husband.

Jeremy, you are Awesomesauce!

be melted

One thought on “Love is laundry

  1. ah i somehow missed this post and it’s AMAZING! that is so very sweet and i’m so glad he treats you well and gets you fudge rounds. it’s also so great that you don’t take these small gestures for granted (like laundry)! sweetness and it sounds like jeremy ain’t got nothing on scott bakula!


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