A Clean Slate

Dear Readers,

Sometimes when we least expect it everything changes.

I am talking about life and its ever changing twists and turns.

People say that you are friends for a season, a reason or a lifetime. I tend to lump people in the lifetime group right away, sure that this friendship will last forever it’s a leftover habit from my youth when I wanted every relationship to last on and on because I was searching for that kind of belonging.

As I have grown older and dare I say wiser, I have realized that friendship truly is a a two-way street. To borrow a phrase “It’s advanced citizenship. You gotta want it”- That means both people have to call, write or heaven forfend even text from time to time. It’s a little surprising to me that not everyone wants to be my friend or make efforts to do so but through the years I have come to treasure the ones who do and let the ones who don’t, slide. Does it hurt? You bet. But it’s far more painful to leave the relationship on life support and keep hoping the other person will wake up to the reality that you are doing all the work and they are just sitting there not paying attention and not treasuring your time and friendship. Your time is important, it’s the only commodity that you can’t get any more of so don’t waste it on people who don’t deserve it.

This post is not a happy one but it’s real. I try my best to stay honest with my readers and even when something isn’t great, I share. This is my point in writing.

If you have a relationship that is toxic or otherwise anemic, take stock and figure out if its worth fighting for or if its time to work on something else that makes you feel good instead of meditating on that which is fruitless. Give yourself the opportunity to get a clean slate. Don’t you deserve that?

I am normally not an advocate of giving up, but sometimes its the right call.

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