Stop, Take Stock and LOOK at what you have done…

Dear Readers,
Today’s post is dedicated to my good friend Susie Gidseg. A year ago I was prepping for a fabulous photo shoot see this post for those details

and at that point I was just starting out on this journey of exercise to lose weight. She and I started working out every Sunday and it has helped me stay on track for healthier eating and exercising. I hopped on my treadmill ( thank you Leslie ) and walked for a while and then ran for a while. I also started eating healthier and found new energy levels heretofore unseen by me .. ever ( and I am including the 19 hours I took at ACC while working three jobs) so it’s worth noting that the me of a year ago is not the me of today.

It’s heading towards the end of a year so I invite you to stop, and take stock and figure out what you did right and figure out where you can improve and change but really truly, focus on what you did right first.. our tendency as humans is to focus on the negative and one of the things I did right this year is focus on the positive and I plan to continue that trend into 2015.

Some things that JMac, Lady McKermit, The Goldfish, McKenna, Gazellionaire Girl, Poppy O’Shea (so many nicknames) did right include:

1. Glamorous Photo shoot to celebrate new health choices

2. Invest in my future by continuing to audition and work hard at my craft as an actor and discover new avenues in voiceover and modeling jobs.

3. Work lots of extra hours to help us pay down our debt.

4. Spend time with friends in the open air instead of one that requires a wireless connection

5. Active search for what church means to me and how to make that work for me and my family.

6. Join the Fighting Irish Cheerleaders (life long dream realized in 2 minutes) thanks Liz Roark!

7. Keep running even when I don’t want to, even when I am tired, even when I am cold, hot or otherwise unengaged in healthy behavior (thank you Keya!)

8. Keep working to be the best I can every day, somedays that is harder than others to uncover

9. Being a good wife to my husband

10. Working on my speaking in Toastmasters to get to my goal of giving a Ted Talk.

The list could go on but I am more focused on you, (that’s you on the other end of this screen) what did you do right this year? What are you excited about accomplishing next year? Take a beat, really take in that question and then answer it below!

Think about it!

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