Texting and Driving is Stupid!

Dear Readers,

Yeah it sounds harsh because its TRUE.

Texting and Driving is stupid. I know, I know. You only do it when at a red light or in traffic and stopped or when you are SURE its safe. Why risk it? I know, you are busy and this time is really important to be sure you have multi-texted your way through a red light. Heaven forbid, you actually be present in your own life and ENJOY traffic, yep I said enjoy traffic. Seriously, think about this.

When was the last time you were bored? Really, no phone, no facebook, no emails to read. Just sitting and staring into space. I bet you can’t remember. We are so caught up in that next post, what’s next fever that we can’t even bear to be bored.

It’s actually important to take this time- Studies show that spacing out inspires creativity and deep contemplation. Be present. Text or Drive. Do not do both!

We are so wrapped up in being connected, we sometimes miss out on real connections.

Marcelo Gleiser a world-renowned theoretical physicist and cosmologist said this-Technology should serve to enhance how people experience our world, and not as a substitution for experience itself.

Just two weeks ago I did my favourite kind of research. Unintentional Research .. its called life. My husband and I had carpooled to an event but I didn’t think about needing my phone or purse or anything until later that night when I realized I did not have my PHONE! The horror! My pulse quickened and my breathing was labored. My panic was literally going into overdrive.. I need my phone, I can’t text anyone about running tomorrow and how am I going to get up in the morning to run and on and on on.. So my husband said, I will wake you up and we will get up their earlier to get your car no problem. I realized that next day that the phone I was so concerned about was sitting in the console as we argued. If I had just stopped and thought about it, I would have realized, I could have sent a message on social media to my friends to confirm running the next day and used his phone or God forbid, an old-fashioned alarm clock to wake up. It’s a beautiful and terrible thing we have done to ourselves..

So this post is aimed to do two things..

One and most importantly- IF you text and drive, I beg you. STOP. The internet is populated with so many PSA’s about why its stupid, but the life you save could be your own.

Two. Find ways to be bored. Don’t depend on facebook or your phone to fill your life. Go outside (especially today, its GORGEOUS!) go talk to a stranger or go soak up the sunshine and just revel in the joy there is in being alive.

Think about it! notext

One thought on “Texting and Driving is Stupid!

  1. totally LOVE this jennifer! i’ve been trying to do this more when i get that urge to check FB or instagram, i put the phone down and force myself to look outside and notice my body on the chair. eventually i hope to get passed the ‘force’ and feel less of a need for my phone!


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