I am stronger than my pain and a cookie!

Dear Readers,JMacfinishes10miles

We all have pain, some of its physical and some of it is emotional.

Sometimes you have a little from column A and a little from column B…

In this particular post I am talking about physical pain. Since late Tuesday evening (yep my birthday) my back has been in a chronic state of pain which is REALLY annoying for several reasons not the least of which is that it was my birthday. Let’s not forget, my chiropractor had JUST given me the all clear for “see you in three weeks”…. UGH!!! –so when this cropped up I was saying ..”Um, back, maybe you didn’t get the memo but you are on the mend, I was just told that!!!”

During this time, I was coming to the end of the thirty I spent over thirty five days eating no processed foods, no chocolate and no soda after I decided that 300 pounds is not a number I am happy to call mine. I did this for a few reasons. I kept telling anyone who offered sweets and treats “I am not eating sugar today”.. I used to say “good or bad” but have dispensed with that as it doesn’t help and only moves the cycle back to the destructive place. When in pain (like I am right now) you tell yourself things like – “I deserve it” or “its just one piece of ….” Does it really matter? yes.. yes it does.. because one baby step to decide not to eat that pastry today helps you build another baby step to not have that drive thru on the way home.. and so on.. It works the other way too.. you make one unhealthy decision, it tends to stack others on top of it.. I think its possible to limit that behavior but it takes discipline.

I did stray a bit due to my birthday but it was a conscious choice. I had 5 wings at Pluckers not 10 or 15 and half of a plate of their AMAZING macaroni and cheese. I had amazing Monkey Bread Cake.. which I didn’t even know existed.. but just one piece !

Since my birthday, I have eaten a bit of processed food and a bit of chocolate but not the “normal and uncounted amount” I was previously ingesting. I have completely given up all sodas including Fresca (which they give out for FREE at work so that makes it doubly hard, trust me!!!) and despite choosing to eat some cheese and chocolate and I have continued that and I think its making a very large impact so while I may change the rest that I will do my best to maintain that choice.

Why do I tell you all this? Good question.. right now, my back hurts and I am doing all the exercises the doctor told me to do, using ice and ibuprofen and its getting better but not fast enough for this girl! I am patient and working to become more patient every day. Today is not a good day for patience practice.

What I WANT to do is eat really tasty greasy food and I want my back to feel great so I can go run it off.. but I need to look at the reality.. doing what I have always done which is eat what I want ALL the time has led me where I am now and I am not happy with those results so I NEED to change something.

This helps me resist the fast-food on the way home-  I hope!

Baby Steps helped me out of debt, Baby Steps will get me to my ideal weight!

What baby steps can YOU take  (or not take) TODAY to pursue a goal? This picture is from March of last year completing 10 miles— I did that, so I can definitely DO THIS!

Think About It! JMacfinishes10miles

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