You profoundly matter.

Dear Readers,

Yesterday I was a little late for work and because I was I got all kinds of questions about where I was and what was wrong and why wasn’t I there?

I can only surmise because it is out of character for me to be late. It is true, I tend to show up early and stay late.. and most of the time I am at least 5 minutes early to boot. I guess it comes from a military mindset of “if you are on time, you are late, if you are early, you are on time” and a strong work ethic. To be sure there are times when you are late that it simply is out of your control but a habit of being late is not one I have.

I had occasion to run into someone today who made it pretty clear to me that I matter to her and something I said to her a YEAR ago has made a large difference to her finances. I have had similar conversations with some of my readers, team members and clients who have said the same in one form or another. It is meaningful each time I hear it.

I think it continues to shock me because for a very long time in my life I was told by relatives that I did not matter and I believed it for a really long time. It’s only after acquiring people in my life (that family of choice I am always talking about) who told me otherwise (on a consistent basis) that I began to believe it. It took years for me to actually take compliments without sloughing them off like its nothing.

So while this post is about making a difference and about me realizing that I profoundly matter.  This post is also about YOU.

YOU make a difference to someone else, trust me. You might be the difference between that someone smiling because of a compliment you gave them. You might be the only nice word that someone hears today. The text you send to a friend you are thinking of could be the lift they need to keep going through a difficult time.

Think About It.

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