Emotional hiccups

imagejfmincDear Readers,

A friend of mine coined this term for things that upset us and make us feel like our world is ending, but really if we just hold on and WAIT, things do get better.

My therapist calls it cognitive dissonance. My pastor calls it extrapolation and in layman’s terms, it sounds like this, tell me if this is familiar.

You are low on money one day.

You say and think to yourself, we don’t have enough money.

You then say- We will NEVER have enough money.

Before you know it, you are in the throes of so much emotion and you have yourself convinced of this false statement and now you have emotional hiccups.

You start saying to yourself that this is true and there is no way out.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, you let yourself believe what in a moment of difficulty, you decided was TRUE.

What’s the remedy?

If you find yourself spinning out of control emotionally, take a breath and refute the story you are telling yourself with truth.

1. We have enough money to pay bills.

2. We are spending less money and saving money right now.

3. This is not for always, this is for a short amount of time (a season if you will) and it is going to be worth it.

Keep telling yourself the truth, ask others around you to help you reinforce reality and breathe, this too shall pass.

Think about it.


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