Happiness Jar!

Dear Readers,

I read about something Elizabeth Gilbert started back in 2013 and I got really excited so I wanted to share it with you. I feel like this is an easy easy easy easy thing to do. I love the internet. She did this 5 years ago and it’s still going.

Are you ready?

Write down one thing you are happy about and put it in a jar – The exercise I am going to be doing is on a daily cadence, but maybe you want to do it once a week? or once a month, that’s fine, it’s your happiness jar.  You do what you want, I like


Yep, I have goals and resolutions for this year but somehow it feels like what we all might need is a little more happy.

My happy today? This idea, I have told a few people and they got excited and are talking about doing it.

What can you do to celebrate more highs and less lows this year?

Think About It…..

3 thoughts on “Happiness Jar!

  1. I love this idea! Now searching the cupboards for something suitable so we can start our own. My partner is dyslexic, so there will be a lot of amusing “what on earth?” moments to come, and will I exploit this in my blog? You betcha!


    1. I was just thinking about that this morning! it can be a happiness tin, box, or glass if you like– I love Gilbert’s take on it.. “can I have someone else’s happy comment or is is just my comment that counts?” – Guys, there are no rules! 🙂

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