Your Starting Line is someone else’s Midpoint. Don’t view them the same way.


Dear Readers,

Today when I was running, I observed the person next to me. His workout had just ended so his stats were in full view. 11 minute pace (mine is 20) and 13 miles run (mine is walk/run and 2 sometimes 2.5)  and so I tried hard to not compare as I plodded away at my own treadmill, increasing my speed a little, adding elevation as I felt comfortable.

Logically and Rationally, his workout is better than mine, but Emotionally? Mine was a slam-dunk, home run, and touchdown, you want to know why? I showed up and did it.

Because when I woke up this morning, I had every intention of going to the gym at 7:30 so I could work out before my daughter or husband woke up I could be done with my run before I started my day.

Yeah, so that didn’t happen.

I woke up and was still tired and relieved to see my little mushroom still sleeping soundly (never do I ever not feel grateful for that, sleep is precious especially for your little) and my first thought was, “Great, I can go back to sleep!” I definitely remembered planning to go to the gym (even glanced over at my ready and waiting gym bag) but lure of sleep was strong and so it won out.

I did wake up and get Vivienne her breakfast and starting the day I thought about how the 5K is in 10 days and I haven’t worked out this week. I pulled my workout stuff together and set out for the gym. So I made it, and I had a pretty good workout.

Some days it really is about showing up, but I think it goes deeper than that. I talk a lot about how comparison is deadly and we should all stop “posting perfection”. That goes for workouts too.

My workout is impressive to me, I post the pictures so I have that “victory lap” you get in running but in a picture. If just one person sees that and is inspired to take the stairs instead of the elevator, I have done my job to inspire one person a day.

If it makes you think, I should work out and then you make a plan to do so, also great. If it makes you mad that I post something to inspire other people (yep, there are some people like that) I can’t really help you.

Now, the person who is training for a marathon (my eventual goal!) is at working towards their midpoint with a half marathon. I have to look at the place I AM AT and work from there.

I am at my starting line, and I shouldn’t judge my starting line by someone else’s midpoint, and more importantly, neither should you.

Think About It……

One thought on “Your Starting Line is someone else’s Midpoint. Don’t view them the same way.

  1. this is SUCH a great point, jennifer! i am working on my 5k story for my speech tomorrow and remember running next to someone during that training and realizing we obviously had different goals for why we run. thank you for that reminder!


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