Rescue Your Relationships!

Dear Readers,

Usually I give my own advice or story but today I am going to deviate a bit.

I am good friends with Ryan and Chelsea who are world class speakers and relationship experts and TedX speakers.

Their Ted Talk – “Yes Means Yes”  is here. I am going to let them do most of the talking today but I will say this.

“Yes means Yes” is a relationship game changer. This is not just for your romantic life either, this is good for any relationship that you are not fully asking for what you want. It is simple advice and hard to follow. I have started using this with my husband and we have already seen some great results! It’s how you grow, right?

This is a GAME changer and I recommend you invest 12 minutes to watch, listen and learn from these two wonderful people. Besides being experts, they are real and authentic about their fights and their lives as husband and wife and parents.

Watch it! Listen and Learn!

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