Dear Vivienne! Two! You are Two!

Dear Darling Daughter!

I lack words to express how much I love you. As you know, Mommy is a writer, so that simply won’t do!!! I could use all the words in all the books, but it wouldn’t come close to expressing the love I feel for you….. but here goes…. 🙂

Today you are two years old! I can’t imagine the world without you, and there was a time you did not exist. What? I know, it’s very shocking, and TRUE!

Mommy is so happy you made her a Mom. I have had a lot of roles in my life but this is by far, my favourite! I get to be YOUR mom! You are one incredible kid and I love waking up and seeing and hearing what is new in your world every day, because every day is brand new and you learn something new every day. I also love that most days you wake up with a smile and are happy to greet the day, the few days you aren’t that is okay, you don’t have to smile or be happy all the time, that isn’t how life works, more on that later.

You started going to Montessori school two days a week back in May and that means you get a little less time with Daddy but that is good because you LOVE your teachers and they love you right back, they are always ready for a “Vivienne hug” because you are always ready to give them out!

I love how you laugh and point when I read you the “fish” book especially when I sing “but only one glittering rainbow fiiiiiiiish” and then you point to it!! I really love how excited you get when I take out the book that Nana made you and you use the car to “drive” on the road. I love how curious you are about every little thing. I love dancing to “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack with you. I love how it makes you smile and laugh. Mommy hopes to sing with you someday and for now, it’s pretty cool how much you love the soundtrack (it’s a family thing for sure!) ! I love how every chance you get, you take off your shoes and socks and even though Mommy wishes you liked hats, I love that you don’t just wear them because I put them on your head, you resolutely remove them each and every time. I love how you get so excited to be in the pool, splashing around. I love pushing you on the swings, you get so excited to laugh and play!

I  love how you light up like a Christmas tree every time you see Daddy and how you hug and squeeze him so tight! I love how you play together and how he lifts you up with one hand! (he is so strong!!!!) and how you laugh and play together and how sometimes you fall asleep on his chest, you sure love your Daddy! That makes me very happy!

I wonder fervently (Mommy will teach you that word, too) what next year will bring, and at the same time, I am enjoying every single minute I get with you!


Look at how much you have changed in just two years!

Happy Birthday Wonderful Girl!

You are my treasure, and I am so glad I had you, sweetpea!

Tu as mon cadeau, Je t’aime, ma cherie!



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