Elton John- Artist Extraordinaire!


Dear Readers!

I got to see ELTON JOHN last week! YAY! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LOOK HOW CLOSE I WAS!

I have wanted to see him in concert pretty much since I was old enough to hear his music and love his music so this was a VERY BIG DEAL.

I really vacillated over whether or not to spend the money because even the cheapest tickets when all was said and done was 200.00 at least. I went back and forth and asked a bunch of people who had seen him already and basically decided to go for it.

I took part in a NO SPEND CHALLENGE to set aside the funds in the month of September and it has been a while since I was so careful with my spending (back in 2015 when we became debt free, I saved up for my debt free shoe shopping and this reminded me of that)  but it was all worth it in the end. I kept a log of all the things I didn’t buy so I could afford it and it was absolutely worth every single penny!

Elton John and the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was everything I wanted it to be and more.

I was lucky enough to get to see him perform and I will treasure it forever.

One of my favourite moments was when he played “I’m Still Standing” and there was a barrage of imagery of his highlights through the years including appearances on “Will and Grace” and numerous videos of his outlandish outfits. I loved it for so many reasons but one of the biggest is that my daughter loves the movie “Sing” and one of the pivotal moments features that song. I won’t spoil it for you, but if you have not seen it, you should! I felt like she was there with me. Then, when he played “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me” I was reminded of the night my husband proposed to me. The pinnacle was when he sang “Believe” which is a big favourite of mine and the screen flashed the statistics about how much money his foundation has collected for Aids Research.

His foundation has raised more than 400 million dollars over the last 25 years.

Talk about inspiring!

Elton John Aids Foundation

I do have to say I was very troubled by the amount of people I saw taking videos and capturing snippets rather than just enjoying the concert but who am I to judge, maybe that’s the best way for them to enjoy the spectacle? The beauty of living in this country is having the right to watch a concert however we choose.  So yes, I judged them a little but then I focused on how I was planning to experience it and let it go.  (mostly)

I go back and forth on it, but while I was tempted to pull out my phone (it’s so addicting to have that thing out and on, isn’t it?)  I ultimately decided to take this one picture and then soak it all in and rely on my memories. I can’t wait to share Elton’s music with Vivienne and talk to her about the words and how each song Elton sings has a different meaning for Mommy and millions of other listeners. I think it’s one of my favourite things about being a mom, teaching my daughter and talking to her and listening to her.

What are some concerts you have gone to that you still remember?

Think About It…

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