“Seeing” in 2019

Dear Readers!

So it’s almost 2019, and if the collective messaging around me is accurate, most of us are very happy to say “GIRL BYE” to this schoolyard bully of a year.

I won’t point fingers AND it has been at least 10 of you saying, I just don’t feel appreciated or things aren’t going well or it’s just been hard this year. I think it all comes down to not feeling “seen” or “noticed” or “appreciated”. That isn’t a hard feeling to come by given all our devices and machines that keep us from LOOKING AT EACH OTHER!

This topic is near and dear to my heart, and is in the heart of my TedX.

It’s really terrifying to tell you about that or really even the IDEA of that actually being a thing-that-maybe-could-possibly-happen because it could happen next year or it could be in five years. I don’t know. I am having to be at peace about that as I spent a good deal of time this year being in “holding pattern” about it.  This picture is a placeholder.  Okay, that’s done.


So moving back to you….

What grandiose visions do you have for your future?

That sounds really big.. so let’s break it down to more bite-size chunks, shall we?

Instead of a resolution, what promise will you keep that you have made to yourself?-

Some people are talking about “less screen time”– We have touched on that in the blog before, that is different for everyone. Though I consider myself to be very conscious of that, it was not until I started tracking it that I realized how much I do use my phone so I became aware of it and have already made that a new promise to myself.

I promise when I am with my child, I will be on the floor and “looking at her and playing with her and my phone will be in the other room” –

That’s specific and measurable and tangible.

Some people are talking about working out or weight loss goals. That’s pretty flabby, no pun intended.. What specifics can you put to that? Again, make a promise to yourself!

How about “I will exercise in the course of my day as well as run on the treadmill at least once a week.”

You see where I am going with this, right?

What can you do to “SEE” yourself and realize that best version of you as you look in the mirror?

Don’t get me wrong, you should love yourself exactly as you are, AND feel free to strive for goals all the while loving yourself in that process.

Suffice it to say, I think we should ALL do ALL we can to be sure that others are seen and in so doing, we might just be “seen” ourselves. It’s not a hard equation and it really doesn’t take a lot. Just put down your phone, and open your eyes and your heart and listen. Can you do that?

Think About It.

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