My Birthday Wish…

Dear Readers,

Last week was my birthday and every year I ask people to give me one thing.

I only ask for this one thing. I am always so happy to hear the stories later.

It’s like a continuation of my birthday for the next few weeks as I catch up with friends and they tell their tales!

It occurs to me people might want to do “act of kindness” so I did some research for you on some things you can do. I love lists so here is one!

Acts of Kindness For Strangers

  1. Leave quarters at the laundromat.
  2. Pay the toll for the person behind you.
  3. Give someone a sincere compliment.
  4. Buy someone behind you in line their morning coffee.
  5. Pay for someone’s groceries behind you. (I can’t wait to do this one!)
  6. Give up a good parking spot. (tough I know… but imagine how happy this will make someone?)
  7. Smile at someone. (if someone looks at you weirdly for smiling at them, like has happened to me, smile at someone else, usually they will smile back.
  8. Hold the elevator or door open.
  9. Let someone behind you at the supermarket check out first
  10. Give up your window or aisle seat for someone who has a middle seat.
  11. Bring your flight attendant some chocolates.
  12. Help someone struggling with heavy bags.
  13. Help someone take a photo.
  14. Take time to give someone who looks lost directions. (this requires that we not be on our phones and actually “SEE” other people!
  15. Stop and help someone with a flat tire.
  16. Carry a $5 gift card with you and give it someone randomly.
  17. Give someone else the cab that you hailed.
  18. Let someone else get seated before you at a busy restaurant.

  • Don’t overthink your random act of kindness! (A small gesture to you, could mean a world of difference to someone else!)
  • If you’re introverted and intimidated with talking to a stranger, you can always make an effort with someone you know and then tell them and they will do an act for someone else and then it will ripple out to others.
  • A bonus ? Do an act of kindness for someone who will NEVER know you did it.
  • This look on my daughter’s face definitely makes me think of a person who has had an act of kindness sent their way. viviennesmilesseptember272018

Can you bring the kindness back?

Tell me YOUR ideas for bringing more kindness to the world!

I can’t wait to read them all!

Think About It.




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