Creativity is what you make it.

Dear Readers,

Last year I was driving along the road and saw these gorgeous flowers.

They were  just beautiful. The sun was going down so it was just about to hit that “magic hour” photographers talk about and I had the fire of inspiration flood my soul, so I parked the car and grabbed my daughter and started posing her in the flowers.

This was the result. I took about 35 pictures to get two good ones. As I understand it that’s pretty good. Most photographer take 100 or so to get that one perfect shot.


This weekend, my good friend Susie and I were catching up and chatting. In my world, this is also called a walk and talk, and I noticed the patch of flowers near her house and we got inspired and took some pictures.  I wasn’t sure how the toddler was going to do with posing and what not, since she is a lot more wriggle and lot less pose at this stage and that led to some pretty great pictures. Susie and I had a blast taking these, and I have to say, she is quite the artist.



As you may or may not have read previous posts, I have been doing interviews with different subjects on what it means to be an artist and I think I need to expand my definition. I hear people say it all the time. “I am not creative”. Well, maybe your definition of creative needs adjustment. An artist is anyone who creates.

Put another way, When you pick up a paintbrush or a pen, you are an artist.

If you pick up a camera or a script, you are an artist.

If you bake that perfect cake or pie, you are an artist.

If you put your fingers on a keyboard and write something, you are an artist.

If you read a book to a kid and you do all the voices, you are an artist.

If you disseminate information and put it in a pretty format on a visual representation at work, you are an artist.

If you pick up an instrument and play it, you are an artist.

Likely there are some I have forgotten, so please chime in.

So the question is, Are you an artist?

Think About It.

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