The Tooth, The Whole Tooth and nothing but the Tooth…

Dear Readers,

I have spent a lot of time chronicling my difficulties with the dentist and my triumph over those difficulties and here I am again because guess what? I had to get dental work done last week. Ugh, I know, it SUCKED. Quite literally, due to the suction used and the drill, do not get me started on that drill. It’s the worst sound.

Despite having a dentist I know and trust, (Dr. Alan Williams)


I still struggle (fear and anxiety of what they will say) when it’s time to get in that chair. You may or may not remember, I pushed my luck a little too much back in October and had to get a root canal.

Well, hang on, because the story gets better, a few days after that was complete, my temporary fell out (despite me NOT eating popcorn or caramel or candy apples) so I had to go back to the dentist 6 days earlier than planned for emergency consultation. Now, I have genetics to blame (mostly) and it’s super unsatisfying to do that. “Thanks Mom and Dad for the crappy teeth health” That surely did not make me feel better, and it definitely didn’t magically make the dental problem or pain cease, so it’s kind of useless to cite it as a “good reason” for dental problems. It is a fact, and I am doing all I can to combat the bad genetics I got at birth. Happily, I did not have to get the root canal redone, and they started work on the temporary right away, I am on session 2 of 3 right now and it’s a whole lot of not fun. It’s also necessary because having good dental health is a big part of your overall health picture.

“Poor oral hygiene can lead to problems with diabetes, heart disease and other health issues.” – American Dental Center


According to the American Dental Center- It’s all connected!

While it definitely sounds like a first world problem, it got me thinking about how often we put something we KNOW we shouldn’t… like taxes, or parking tickets, or regular checkups with the doctor, the list goes on and on.

As I share my story with you of the procrastinating leading to some pain, what does this make you think about? That doctor appointment you keep putting off? How about that dental check up or cleaning you need to get done? Don’t wait, go schedule it NOW. Your future self will thank you!

As for me, I am going to go enjoy hanging out with my daughter and teaching her good brushing and flossing habits so she can keep that gorgeous smile I love seeing so much.


Think About It.


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