Join me? Stop Posting Perfection!

Dear Readers,

This is one of my favourite hashtags, I came up with it about 2 years ago after realizing how much we are all posting perfection and putting our best life and times on social media and while that’s the nature of the beast, I decided I wasn’t buying into that idea any more. It’s definitely going to take more than one hashtag or picture to accomplish this, but most movements start small, right?

There is nothing wrong with taking a pretty picture or posing for selfies, but don’t get so caught up in the picture you lose the person.

There is hope.

I am starting to see more REAL posts about miscarriage, breastfeeding, and the occasional “unedited gym selfie” so let’s build on that. Join me, be interesting, be real, be vulnerable, be YOU.

You can “show” your best life or “live” your best life.

Think About It.



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