Today, I spoke to 46,557 people…

How ? How in the world did that happen?

Well, it was REALLY hard. Are you ready to hear about the grueling audition process I endured to gain this plummy opportunity? The hours I slaved over my proposal and waiting I endured in the selection process?

Here goes….






I sent an email.

I really wish I could tell you it was more involved than that, AND it wasn’t. I asked, and was told “yes”.

Now, I will tell you, it takes a bold mindset and the idea of doing things “before you are ready” because I absolutely did not feel “ready” to do this message.

But guess what? In the act of “doing it” I got to the state of “done” which transcends “ready” every single time.

So, what are you waiting to be “ready for”? What can you do to get to “done” and fly right past “ready”?

Think About It.






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