Happy Birthday Vivienne!! You are Three! Three!

Happy Birthday Vivienne!!

You are Three! Three!

Happy Birthday Monkey!

You bring us such joy! Your smile and your laugh make us so happy!

You definitely don’t smile all the time, and you have quite a temper when you don’t get your way, lest anyone think you are just a perfect angel, you aren’t. That’s actually good, because as Mommy likes to say, “Perfection is boring, and life is messy”

Speaking of wise sayings— You learned the word “Nana” just in time for her visit !

What a year it has been!

Job changes for both Mommy and Daddy!

We took you to your first Pride Parade, where you charmed everyone and gave out tons of “free sister hugs” to everyone!

You have learned so much in just one year! You are talking and walking and dancing! Yes! Dancing!! Your favourite book is “Green Eggs and Ham” and you love to have us read it to you!

You put on your shirts and dresses ALL by yourself, still working on the shorts and pants, and you are getting closer every day.

You love to play with your stuffed shark and you love the outdoors! You love the outdoors so much, it makes Mommy appreciate it more, which is saying a lot since Mommy doesn’t like the outdoors at all.

You love to swim and you like to run and play!

At the moment, Your favourite color is purple and you are spending a lot of time coloring, you love to color!

You watch movies with Mommy too!

The ones on rotation as of this writing are:

“Coco” “Leap”, and “Meet The Robinsons” and recently, much to Mommy’s delight, you have begun to request “Frogs” which means, “The Princess and The Frog”! (Mom’s favourite, obviously!)

You eat at the table with very little help, and you are so helpful to Mommy and Daddy with the dishes and the laundry!

At night we sing to you and read you books, and tell you,

“We love you, we are proud of you, and you are ours.”

We love to tickle you (Daddy especially) and make you laugh, and each night we send you to bed with these thoughts, “Keep the bad out, and all good things close” (a phrase written by your very talented Aunt Rachel)

and performed by another talented relative, Tio Gab)

It’s the last thing we say to you before kissing and hugging you and sending you off to sleep.

We love you so much and can’t wait to see what the next year brings!



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