Zumba Bust!

Dear Readers,

I love to dance. I mean I really love it. I will dance to anything that has a beat.

So it seems that someone who loves it would be good at it and easily do it, right?

Not so much, no.

I have a little game, and I can definitely learn choreography when called upon, but as far as on-the-fly aerobic dancing, I am utterly hopeless at it, I really am.

I remembered this 2 minutes into my most recent Zumba class. I used to have an AMAZING instructor for Zumba, which now that I think about it, is probably why I still try it out every once in a while. I also love the idea of “dance as exercise” because before I do it, I really hate to exercise, once I am there and doing it I am still hating it, it is only after it is over and done that I am glad I did it.

But back to dance class, It used to really bother me and I would wear myself out trying to keep up with “Debbie Dance Teacher” – you know who I am talking about… she was probably a dance team member or cheerleader, and she has a perfectly choreographed dance all planned out to “Thriller” including “zombie breaks”? It’s not just her but the other people in the room who are mistaking Zumba for “So You Think You Can Dance” auditions which is good, because people are welcome to pursue their dreams any time and any way they like. But that is so NOT me, and mid poorly executed grapevine, I had an epiphany.

I am there to exercise, not to impress anyone so if I get a step or two wrong, who cares?????? Who am I so concerned with impressing? I think the point is to move your body and (gasp!) have fun so as soon as I started to do that, it was a lot more fun and wonder of wonder I actually started to pick it up a little better because I relaxed, Imagine that!

I also left at the hour mark though it was a 2 hour Halloween themed class which should have been called “Boo-mba” but nobody asked me.

I am also sure my next class (on Monday) will be even better because I am ready to dance!!!

I can’t wait!

So what is the point?

Don’t be so afraid to be bad at something that you never try it.

What have you not done because you are afraid of looking silly or not perfect?

What would happen if you tried it anyway?

Think About It.

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