Dear Readers!

Isn’t it always the way? As soon as Halloween is over, Thanksgiving struts it’s turkey self right into your calendar and then Christmas and before you know it, the new year is upon us and people are pestering you about resolutions again.

Well, I can’t even believe it but we are 28 days away from the end of the year, and the end of the decade.

Take a minute to breathe that in, friends.

The end of the decade.

Which likely gets you to asking, “What have I been doing with the last 10 years of my life?”

I suggest you go ahead make a list, I did it and was surprised by all the entries!

(Can I let you in on a secret?)

YOU are way more awesome than you give yourself credit for, pass it on!)

This (what the heck did I get done from 2010-2019 list) is a great way to pat yourself on the back, and really take stock of what in fact you have been up to lo these last 10 years.

However the point of today’s post is to get you to look forward and focus on this question.

What do you want to do in the next 10 years?

Take a second, breathe that in.

Okay, maybe that’s a BIG overwhelming thought accompanied by several follow ups or dwelling on the unknown. Okay, so let’s start smaller.

What do you want to do with the next 28 days?

The year isn’t over, so don’t act like it is.

Once you have set a few goals there. Look a little further down the road, how about the first 90 days of 2020? How about the next 90? And the next?

Are there some goals you need to let go of because this just isn’t the season to give it your full attention?

For instance, my marathon goal is being pushed back again. Originally, 2020 was my target but realistically it’s going to be 2022)

Still working hard on my book, but it might not be published until 2021, so coming to terms with that is part of this inventory and Intentional Living.

On the other hand, what goals will you add because as the year winds down you can see more clearly what the future might look like?

Think About It.

More importantly, make a plan, and get ready for it to get blown to smithereens by life and then make a new plan. Before you know it, we will be staring down 2021 and it will be too late to be intentional about 2020 any more.

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