A year in review…or- Byeeeeeee 2019!

Dear Readers,

For the last two years I have been collecting microcosms of my days.

The first year I did it was last year and when our family was hit hard with health issues in June, I dropped it for a while, maybe 3 months but this year, from Day 1 to Day 365, I have made an entry about the following three things. In and of itself, I am really proud of that.

The double meaning of (Age) / The time is going by, so I am aging and also





A- Accomplished

G- Grateful

E- Enjoyed

In this jar, there are 365 small scraps of paper telling my story of 2019.

There have been ups

and downs

and while I try my best to keep things positive, I am going to go on record for the first time EVER with fervent farewell wishes to 2019. This year has really sucked and been full of struggle and loss. Not just for me, several of my friends have indicated a similar sentiment.

But you know what? That’s life and sometimes it’s more up than down and this year has been way more down than up, so take note and look into the face of 2020 with hope, my dear reader!

So why am I telling you this? Simple, because this daily ritual has FORCED me to find that good, and feel gratitude, and take an account of what I accomplished. It can be very easy to get bogged down by the rut of life and think things are ALWAYS going to suck and to paint things a lot darker than they truly are, so the ritual of looking back through my notes on the last day of the year, helps me find themes and commonalities to my year. It’s a great exercise and I recommend it to all.

There is no wrong way to do it either. If you want to use a box, go for it! If you like the jar but want to decorate it with polka dots, more power to you! Ooh, I might have to do that now. If you prefer to “go digital” and put it on your phone? Type away. However you do it, it’s bound to provide an impact to you and your life, trust me!

How about you, what rituals will you start or drop in 2020?

Think About It.

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