Stop Posting Perfection!

Dear Readers,

As you know, last week was Valentines Day.

A day that is just another day to some, but for me, I was super duper excited because my hubby and I had a date night including FREE babysitting, so expectations were VERY high.

I dressed up, I put on fancy clothes, dropped off the kiddo and headed to meet my hubby-

I think you can see where I am going with this.

In particular, I was really feeling confident in the awesomeness of my gift and how well it would be received.

Observe the ultra exclusive seating and sappy tablecloth….

In short, those hopes were dashed as I saw the look of non-joy on my partners face as he opened his present. As you might recall, last week I posted about how I was actively searching for those “other love languages” and deeper connection and closeness pathways, and I really believed heading into the night that I had really tapped into that with my gift.

Well, looking on the bright side, as I am prone to do. It was time together, away from everyone else. It was a nice dinner and we both tried to get other something we thought the other would like, but not so much. In fact, we both very gingerly talked through the mutual let-down and while it was not super fun to realize how much we had both missed the mark, there was some comfort in the knowledge that we were both sitting in the same boat.

The temptation is so strong to NOT share these foibles and thwarted expectations and if there is a chance that this will help one person to feel better about their relationship not being so perfect, than I will share.

I am fond of the hashtag that instructs people not to post perfection, so I am doing that now.

I relearn this lesson daily: Progress not Perfection-

Why is it so hard to admit that things are NOT perfect?

When we insist on that “perfect moment” from our lives, we miss out on the present imperfect- ~Jenn Haston~

It is hard to admit it, harder still to take the imperfect picture and embrace it for the moment it is, not what we WANTED it to be.

Think About It.

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