It’s the little things…

Dear Readers,

The internet is rife with bloggers and authors telling you how to fill your time, (what time????)

So, my blog this week is about recounting the little things that made me happy, and I invite you to count with me.

Almost fire in my microwave

I was busy and preoccupied so put a container sans water in my microwave. It could have caught fire and didn’t, so YAY!

Thank you notes for transit workers from the kids!!!

My company asked the kids to write thank you notes to the “essential employees” and these are just a few.

New cider (Thanks Josh and Keya) for my first Zoom Happy Hour

My husband helped set up a virtual happy hour for me and some of my friends. Glad we have a laptop so we could do that.

Work from home- means photo ops with the monkey
Pepsi is optional

My aunt sent us her world famous chocolate/white chocolate chip cookies!

Right now, it can be a really hard thing to keep the “little things” in mind, and truly it’s what keeping me sane right now, along with the mantra, “This will not last forever.

Tell me what you are doing to cope, and share any mantras or mechanisms you find helpful or even some things you have tried that failed.

As fellow writer Jon Acuff likes to say. “Now is a great to me to be terrible at something new”

Tell me something new you are doing.

Think About It.

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