Necessary Boundaries

Dear Readers,

There are a lot of people dying and not enough people are talking about that. According to Reuters there have been 251,000 deaths as of today, 5/5/2020. The absence of that statistical information in our daily newsfeed is terrifying.

It’s hard to find bright spots and silver linings in such a dark time, and it’s a coping mechanism for me, so here goes. This is a great time to reset some boundaries.

For your own safety, you have to set boundaries for how close someone can be in your proximity so why not use this opportunity to set other boundaries as well?

Just because some ignorant people decided it was okay for all of us to leave our homes and start the process of reopening sans the support of science, does not mean you have to follow their foolish example. Wear your mask, and insist on social distance as you continue to do your part to “flatten the curve” by staying home as much as you can, limiting your outings to work (if you are considered essential like me) and grocery. And when you, do, wear a mask.

Yes, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s hard to talk and breathe. Wear it anyway.

At this time, when we are doing “Zoom” up the wazoo, and everything is virtual, we need to set very real and tangible boundaries.

Just because you get an invite to a Zoom event, does not mean you have to click “Join” – I know it sounds crazy and you can say “No” or not attend. (It might be worth examining ALL the work meetings too, but most of them I get you have to go to those.

Just because we are all at home, does NOT mean we are all AVAILABLE.” Professor Haston

Sounds simple, and the pressures to keep saying yes are causing us to be busier than ever and it’s making us frustrated and has us feeling overwhelmed or feel like we have to “be productive” in quarantine— on that—-

Stop beating yourself up! You are doing great!

I can’t speak for you, but it doesn’t take a lot to make me cry these days or perceive slights that are not really there. I am working overtime to “respond” and not “react” – It’s hard, y’all.

Yes, we are more sensitive these days, and it’s okay and expected and normal. Which is why it’s even MORE important we step back and say no when we need to.

Me, trying to Zoom, with the 3 year old crawling on me-

The Centers For Disease Control have done their part, now it is time for you to do yours.

What boundary do you need to set?

Think About It.

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