I go to the sea to breathe….

Dear Readers,

Mary Anne Radmacher says, “I come to the sea to breathe.” I was given this saying on a magnet six years ago, when my husband and we traveled to Cannon Beach with Mama Mo (Poppa Joe’s lovely wife) and we spent the day frolicking (and I do mean that in every sense of the world) in the sand and the surf. We had traveled to Oregon for a second honeymoon three years into our marriage and it was relaxing, and restful.

Cannon Beach
Us- Goofing off per usual
Mama Mo and Poppa Joe

Yesterday my family and I returned to the sea to breathe.

Getting my husband to laugh like this is rare and awesome.
She didn’t love the water and that’s okay, I love it enough for both of us..
Viv loves the sand!

Okay. It wasn’t the sea, it was the lake, but my heart surely did not feel the difference. As soon as I felt that cold water touch my feet, I was instantly calmer and more serene. I have to say that I told my husband, I NEED to be in water, I really wanted that, but until yesterday I didn’t realize that it really was a need.

It was such a lovely respite from the crazy and turbulent days we have had lately. Real life intruded all too quickly, and we had to go home, but with a fervent promise to return not too long from now.

Where do you find peace?

Think About It.

Now, plan a trip there, soon

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