Listen, Learn, Dismantle, Action- REPEAT

Dear Readers,

Far more learned folks than I, are taking pen to paper or pixel to screen to opine or share opinions or actions we can take to fight racism and there is just one thing I feel compelled to share right now.

This mantra-

listen to black voices,

learn what you don’t know from people who don’t look like you.

Dismantle your own white supremacy. Surprise! even the most staunch ally has racist thoughts.

Then take action. That can be buying from a black owned business, voting out racist politicians, protest.

Then, in some ways, this might be the hardest one, REPEAT

It’s not one and done, folks. There is no more snoozing that alarm clock-

These are just a few images I have been looking at and investigating, and I promised to keep you posted. I invite you to post your thoughts and questions since we are ALL in this together.

“Don’t wait for it to hit you personally to take it seriously”- Professor Haston

No more snoozing, follow these steps-


2. Learn

3. Dismantle

4. Action


It’s that hard, and exactly that simple.

Think About It.

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