Amplify Black Voices- Luvvie Ayaji

At this event, two years ago, nervous and uncomfortably white, I asked the question- “How can we be better allies?”

I will never forget her answer.

“We don’t need allies, we need accomplices”

I am working hard to become one, and being silent as I learn. Do not mistake my silence for complacency or disinterest.

If you practice racism in my presence, I WILL call it out.

I will also continue dismantling my own racism as it’s deep seated and a continuous process and the more I learn, the more I realize how systemic and ingrained in our society and it’s unacceptable.

For too long, people who look like me have been silent and uncomfortable.

As Luvvie Ayaji says,

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”

We can all do more. What will you do? What are you doing?

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