How about no more “to do” lists?

Dear Readers,

I love making lists. Well, that’s not exactly true, what I really love is crossing things off of a list. I find it so satisfying that sometimes I have been known to make a list, just so I can cross off items. I know, I didn’t say it made sense, just that I did it.

But I digress, the other day in a social media group I am part of that is all about goal setting and reaching, a very wise woman named, Rebecca Burgener was moving from “to do” to “did do” and I thought, what a great notion.

I could focus on what I had to do today that did NOT get done or I could focus, like she did, on “did do”

I don’t know about you but my “did do” list is a lot longer than my “to do” list. I think it’s because so much of what you do you aren’t always thinking to add to a list. So without further ado, here’s a sample of my “did do” list. I bet you have one very similar to mine.


Laundry for child and self

Made breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Helped child with puzzle and naming items in category “Name three types of tools”

Magnatiles are amazing, no matter your age!

Did French drills

Read a little of my book

Wrote my blog post (well, almost)

You get my point, if you took the time to write down all the things you DID do instead of focusing on your “to do” you are likely to be very impressed with yourself and what you did do. Go ahead, give it a go.

Think About It.

One thought on “How about no more “to do” lists?

  1. I tried to comment on this blog post the other day, but it seems the internet ate it. 🤷‍♀️

    Rereading words from Dorothy made me swing back through to check on you. I hope you’re still celebrating your Did Do List.


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