Do It For Dorothy!

Dear Readers,

Today I find myself deeply saddened at the passing of someone who I have never met, yet they touched and inspired me as well as 4,199 other people.

This blog post is in honor of Dorothy Carlson, a beautiful soul who is part of a Facebook group that encourages each other in our goals.

The goals vary from losing weight, gaining weight, practicing piano, sleeping with no phone, and many others. No goal is too big or too small and Jon Acuff who started the group set the tone from Day 1- Be awesome, there are many other places on the internet to be hateful and mean, this isn’t one of them. So keep the awesomeacracy sacred.

I’m paraphrasing, but you get the gist.

She was always encouraging other people and working through her own goals. She asked for our advice and took it to heart.

Dorothy D Carlson

She made a tremendous impact, which I am not sure she or her family knows about. It got me to thinking, how much all of us might not know the impact, the import of what we bring to the table daily, and how often do we doubt that we matter.

I don’t know you personally, but I can tell you without question, YOU DO MATTER. You matter to someone, Count on it.

We created a hashtag in her memory- #DoIt4Dorothy

So whatever you are thinking about doing and aren’t doing, take a deep breath, and step out and be bold and, Do It For Dorothy….

Think About It.

Rest In Peace, Dorothy-

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