Ask People- What Makes Me Awesome?

I know, it feels awkward and weird to ask people to tell you how great you are, but trust me, it feels great to hear their answers.

Not to mention the fact that other people always see us more clearly than we do. They will come up with things and you will be tempted to say, “that’s not really a skill”. I implore you, resist it.

In his book “Do Over” Jon Acuff takes the reader through an exercise where you write down things you are good at as a way of identifying qualities you have already and skills you want to acquire. He suggests if you can’t think of anything, it’s not that you don’t have awesome and unique skills, it’s that you likely don’t see something that comes naturally to you as a skill.

For instance, I coach people like I breathe, and truly love it. I live for that “aha” people get in their eyes when they are making a discovery, after weeks or months of guiding them to find that answer.

Despite being asked multiple times for help and advice, It wasn’t until in a recent battle with imposter syndrome, I asked some trusted advisors for reasons I am awesome, and when the consistent answer included “great coach and mentor” a light bulb went on and I had that “aha” moment.

I was humbled and greatly touched by what they said, and it silenced the imposter syndrome pretty much immediately so I got to thinking, if I felt this way, in a time that has all of us questioning our choices and decisions, perhaps, you my gentle reader, might be feeling the same way, so I want to encourage you, ask people who you trust ,to tell why you are awesome. You are likely to be overwhelmed and surprised, just like I was. Bonus, the next time imposter syndrome shows up, I have armor to kick that jerk to the curb where they belong.

Wouldn’t you like to have that too?

Think About It…

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